An English e-mail between two friends, Matthew and Tom, about their English teacher in the high school.
From: Matthew
To: Tom
Object: your English teacher
Hi Tom, how are you? Yesterday I knew my English teacher and his name and surname is Mario Rossi. He loves his job and He was born in Milan in Italy, but He loves English language and culture and English food. He’s fifty-tree years old and my teacher has got two sons and two daughters and their names are Stefano, Simone, Marina, the firstborn, and Chiara. He has a lot of hobbies, but his favourites are go to cinema, go to concert or musicals, reading Italian and English books and doing sports. He likes tennis and cycling and sometimes my teacher plays basketball. He dislikes football but his favorite football team is A.C. Milan. His favourite kinds of music are jazz, blues and classical music, particularly Bach and sometimes He listens pop and rock music and his favourite band are the Beatles, in particular George Harrison. His favorite TV programmes are B.B.C. documentaries because He has got a satellite dish and He cans watch all documentaries. His favourite animal is cheetah and He likes cat. My teacher loves singing, his favourite singer and actress is Barbara Streisand and He has played piano for forty years. His big dream is to become a writer and He is writing an interactive-book about resilience. He normally reads essays and book of poetry. He hates snakes and He afraid of getting old. When He was a student, He has going to Liceo Scientifico Vittorio Veneto and he likes Mathematic, Latin, Philosophy and, of course, English. Now my English teacher speaks three languages: Italian, English and Spanish, because He loves languages. My teacher has taught for twenty-four years, but He has working in a difference school and this year He came to teach English in our school. Every day He cycle to school because he lives near the school. He worked as a translator from Italian to English. Every summer He travels around the UK, but his favourite places are Edinburgh, in Scotland and York, in England. Three years ago He spent two weeks in York and He went to visit the Beatles museum in Liverpool. Every school year my teacher goes in a school trip and He loves travelling. This is my good English teacher, because he loves teach English and because he explains it very well.

Hi Tom and write me about your English school.

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