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A colon (:) is a type of punctuation used to introduce a list of items or a quotation. It can also be used in the salutation of a business letter or to divide references to a specific point in a book, such as the Bible.
The city has provided a list of the following roads closed for repair this spring: March Street, Jasper Lane, and Follow Boulevard.
Should I start my cover letter with the salutation Dear Sir or Madam: or do research to find out the recruitment coordinator's actual last name? A semicolon (;) is a similar type of punctuation. It is used to join two independent phrases, sometimes with a conjunction (and, but, for, nor, or, etc.).
A semicolon may also be used to separate terms when too many commas in a series or list would create confusion.
Many of the young men had trained for several years to play on this team; in fact, the average age to begin training was just 6.

The competing cities for the travel magazine award included Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; and Beijing, China.

Full Stop

The full stop, in American English, is called a period. A period's main function is as an end mark to a sentence. It lets the reader know that this thought has ended. The period also follows some abbreviations, such as Mr., Mrs., and Dr.
As none of you seem to remember our lesson from last week very well, let's begin the lesson with a review.
Dr. Palkon explained to Mr. and Mrs. Holt that their daughter would be fine and was recovering from surgery nicely.
In English, a period is also used as a decimal point. A decimal point appears in numerals as a separator, for example in between the dollar and cents amount ($1.75) and in numbers with decimal notation, such as 2.64
Because of a misplaced decimal point, we were shocked that the shop wanted £34.0 for an item that was really only £3.40.
In maths, one must learn to move the decimal point to the right position when multiplying non--whole numbers.

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