Video appunto: Charisma


Charisma is a special appeal or charm that allows people to be attracted to and excited by someone, usually applied to people in positions of leadership, such as politicians, teachers, or employers. A person possessing charisma is said to be charismatic, a trait that leads people to trust in them, often without logical basis.

Ex: Certainly the older candidate has the experience to lead, but the younger man has an undeniable charisma that can help him win the election.
Ex: Lacking the charisma that had allowed several people before him to get away with being disorganised, the new leader had to start cleaning up the office files.
Ex: He won the competition thanks to his extraordinary charisma.
The term charismatic can also refer to a type of worship or a type of church, such as a charismatic congregation. The word charisma can carry a religious meaning, favored, or specially blessed. Churches that are charismatic will emphasize special gifts of the spirit, such as speaking in tongues for healing.
Ex: My grandmother attends a charismatic church downtown. They will be having their annual bazaar and fundraiser this weekend, so if you go, I'll see you there.
Ex: Since the young girl, who attended a very liturgical church had never been to a charismatic church before, her parents prepared her for a different style of service.