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To arise is to literally get up from a previous physical position. Arise can also mean the action of something coming to light, as in the facts arising.
EX: As soon as I arise, I begin making plans to eat something for breakfast. Although it is not my favourite meal of the day, I have become convinced it is the most important one.
EX: The mother sat down for a moment, knowing that other problems would soon arise, and that she would be back on her feet for her next difficult task.
To arise from or arise out of something is to come up from a lower position, sometimes of poverty or hardship, to one of greater happiness or success.
EX: The inspiring story tells of a young man who would arise from a state of poverty to become a successful political figure.
EX: The man arose out of relative obscurity to become the executive chef he is today after being discovered by his child's teacher, whom he would occasionally prepare lunches for.


To spread something is to disseminate it widely or to make it known. If you spread the news about something, you are widening the circle of people who know about it.
EX: Once Kate began to spread the news of her impending move on social media, she had plenty of offers of help in packing and transporting her things.
EX: as word spread regarding the holiday sales at a local retailer, more and more people began finding excuses to leave the office early that day.
To spread something like wildfire is to repeat news or information, such as a rumor to many people. If something spreads like wildfire, it is being communicated quickly or in an out of control manner.
EX: The newest fashion in denim doesn't seem all that attractive to me, but the trend is certainly spreading like wildfire.
EX: At one time, an article from a local newspaper would be unlikely to be read by someone in another city, but with the advent of the Internet, one link can cause a news item to spread like wildfire.
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