Dialogue: The tourists were found three days later

Apuunto in inglese un dialogo che racconta “Two tourists in Australia have hired a car to go and visit some aborigine rock art in the outback”

Lynda: Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?
Brian: Yes, don’t worry. We can’t be very far away. Look, there’s group of kangaroos. If there are animals there must be water, so there many be a farm somewhere round here.
Lynda: a farm? It all look like desert here. Why are you slowing down?
Brian: Look ahead. The track ends at the foot of that hill. We must have taken the wrong road.
Lynda: But we can’t have taken the wrong road. There’s only one road marked on the map. We must be travelling south along this road.
Brian: We can’t be travelling south. Look at the sun. this road might not be on the map.
Lynda: Or they may have given us an old map. We’re in the middle of nowhere. What if the car broke down?
Brian: Why should it break down?

Lynda: Well, I don’t know. Anyway, what can we do now?
Brian: Let’s go back. We might see where we went wrong.
Lynda: And what about petrol? We’re not running out of petrol, are we?
Brian: No, we’ve got plenty.
Lynda: We shouldn’t have come on our own. We should have gone on the tour organised by the hotel.
Brian: It’s no use regretting it now. This is the only road. If we go back, surely we’ll get to the point where we made a mistake.
Lynda: What’s that? Is it a whirlwind?
Brian: It looks like it. But it’s not coming towards us.
Lynda: You’re right. It’s going in the other direction.
Brian: I recognise those rocks. This must be where we got mixed up.
Lynda: But which road did we come from? The whirlwind must have cancelled our tracks.
Brian: Well, at the hotel they could be starting to worry about us. I’m sure they’ll send someone to look for us if we don’t get back by dinner time.

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