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The word sin refers to any act that goes against divine law. Regardless of religion, the act violates that particular religious doctrine.
Ex: Every religion recognises sin as part of the human experience. It is widely accepted as an obstacle in living a fruitful life.
Ex: Whatever your religious beliefs are, a common core element is kindness. Not treating others well is considered a sin by most.
The word sin can also refer any action that can be perceived as offensive or immoral to another person. In this case, it is not a religious transgression.
Ex: Your laziness is such a sin. You have always had the tendency to ignore your responsibilities but forgetting to feed the dog is unacceptable.
Ex: That haircut is a sin! I do not believe that any female should allow their friends to cut their hair as it will always come back uneven.


The word pride means to be self important including a high opinion of your own importance. Pride is considered one of the seven deadly sins.
Ex: Jim's pride gets in the way when he communicates with his parents. He tends to be boastful about his accomplishments and does not admit his mistakes.
Ex: Many students showed their pride by wearing their school's colors and singing the school anthem loudly. They hoped that it would be a stumbling block to the success of their opponents.
The popular phrase pride and joy means to love and value something above all others. It can refer to a person or a thing.
Ex: My dog Tito is my pride and joy. I bring him everywhere, and I am sure my heart could explode with love.
Ex: I bought a piece of artwork that is my pride and joy. Contrary to popular belief, art does not have to be expensive to be valuable.
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