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A counter is a high surface that is used to store or keep specific things. There are many types of counters, such as kitchen counters, bathroom counters, and store counters.
Ex: When Catherine lost her car keys, I helped her look for them in the house. Finally, we found them on top of the kitchen counter.
Ex: My friend Ashley loves wearing makeup. She buys so much of it that there are makeup containers all over her bathroom counter.
Just like a counter is a high surface used for storage, a countertop is the material that the counter is made of. There are many types of countertops, such as wood, metal, marble, and plastic.
Ex: One of the best ways to change the design of your house is to change the counters. You can create a new look just by buying a nice marble or shiny black bathroom countertop.
Ex: I just knew I had to buy the house when I saw the wooden countertops in the kitchen. They gave the home such a comfortable, classic feeling.


A saddle is a place where a rider sits when he is riding an animal. Usually, saddles are used for horse riders and are made of thick leather or plastic.
Ex: Laura liked to go horse riding in the woods without a saddle. But when she fell off her horse, she learned that saddles were important to keep her safe.
Ex: There are many different types of saddles. Some are tall and thick, while others are thin and flexible. But they are all pretty easy to use while horse riding.
Just like a horse rider will put a saddle on a horse to get ready to ride, the phrase saddle up means to get ready or prepared for an event or activity.
Ex: I told Robert to saddle up for our holiday. I had a lot of exciting activities planned and wanted to make sure he was ready for all the excitement.
Ex: Sarah better saddle up if she wants to become a professional dancer. It takes a lot of work and determination to be successful in that field.
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