Video appunto: Reproduce and Maternity


It is common to refer to having a child as reproducing. Not only human beings, all living things can reproduce, including plants and cells.
Ex: During the last century the world has undergone many changes. For example, nowadays people who want children, but are not able to reproduce themselves, can use alternative methods.

When you make a copy of, or duplicate something, you reproduce it. It is the same, or very similar to, something that has already been produced. A reproduction is the copy of the original.
Ex: My computer was stolen last night, and I had my school work saved on it! I will have to reproduce my English essay before tomorrow so that I can hand it in on time.
Ex: The movie we saw last night was a reproduction of one that was first made in 1980. I really enjoyed watching it.


The word maternity means the condition of motherhood or any quality having to do with being a mother. If you refer to someone as maternal, you are describing her as motherly.
Ex: Ann does not want more than one child. Her idea of maternity includes a quiet house, few toys, and a small amount of laundry.
The word maternity can also refer to the area in a hospital where children are born and the mothers and newborn babies are taken care of.
Ex: The maternity ward has very few beds left. The hospital has had a record number of births in the last twenty-four hours.
Ex: Most babies are born in maternity, but some are delivered in the emergency room. It depends on how quickly the mother gets to the hospital.