Mark's life

Mark is a student of 23 years old who attend the University of London. He lives in a small house near London with two brothers Michael and John and one sister Lucy. His parents are often go out for work and the boys are grow up by grandparents Lisa and Tom. Lisa is a beautiful woman of 65 years old; she has long and white hair, brown eyes and she is quite tall for her age. She is a woman good, kind and brave. Tom is a fat man of 70 years old with long and white hair, blue eyes and white mustache. He is a brave but apprehensive pensioner. Grandparents loves their grandchild. Together they play computer games, cook their favorite dishes and study. Stay with grandparents is a beautiful thing because they teaches a lot of things: for example, they tell about their youth made of wars and famine, but also of old plays as top, stealflag, etc...; they give teaching of life as how behave with parents and other people.


La vita di Mark

Mark è uno studente di 23 anni che frequenta l'università di Londra. Lui vive in una piccola casa vicino Londra con due fratelli Michael e John e una sorella Lucy. I suoi genitori sono spesso fuori per lavoro e i ragazzi sono cresciuti dai nonni Lisa e Tom. Lisa è una bellissima donna di 65 anni; lei ha lunghi capelli bianchi, occhi castani ed è abbastanza alta per la sua età. Lei è una donna buona, gentile e coraggiosa. Tom è un uomo grasso di 70 anni con lunghi capelli bianchi, occhi azzurri e baffi bianchi. Lui è un coraggioso ma apprensivo pensionato. I nonni amano i loro nipoti. Insieme giocano al computer, cucinano i loro piatti preferiti e studiano. Stare con i nonni è una bella cosa perché loro insegnano molte cose: per esempio, raccontano della loro giovinezza fatta di guerre e carestia, ma anche di vecchi giochi come la trottola e ruba-bandiera, ecc...; loro danno insegnamenti di vita come comportarsi con i genitori e con altra gente.

1. With who does live Mark?
2. Which activities does grandparents do with their grandchild?
3. Is Mark a student?
4. Do you attend a school?
5. Have you got brothers or sisters? Describe them (in the description include physique and nature).
6. Do you have parents? Describe them (in the description include physique and nature).
7. Do you have grandparents? Describe them (in the description include physique and nature).

1. Mark lives with two brothers and one sister.
2. The boys and their grandparents study, cook their favorite dishes and play computer games together.

3. Yes, he is. He attends the London's university.
4. I'm attend the secondary school specializing in scientific subjects.
5. I'm a only child.
6. I have only my mother Lucy because my father is dead in a labor accident. Lucy is a beautiful woman of 40 years old with short blonde hair, green eyes and small nose. She is tall and thin and is very brave.

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