Video appunto: Blank and Void


A blank piece of paper has no marks on it. A blank is the empty space in an application where you can write your information or the empty space in a test question where you can write your answer.
When I took the SAT, the essay was the biggest challenge. The blank piece of paper seemed to mock me until an idea for a response finally came to me.

I filled in all of the blanks on the application form before I saw the instructions that said to use only black ink. I'd used blue ink, so I had to start again.
To draw a blank is to be unable to remember something that you actually know. Another phrase with the word blank is a blank stare, which is a look on someone's face that means he doesn't know what you're talking about. Additionally, if someone tells you to fill in the blanks, they are asking you to provide the obvious conclusion to a statement or situation.
I drew a blank when I bumped into one of my old university classmates. I knew the face, but I couldn't remember his name.
My brother got into big trouble last weekend when he came home drunk. You know my parents, so you can fill in the blanks.


A void is a large empty space. To void something is to make it invalid.
The death of our dog left a void in our home. We'd had him since he was a puppy, and he had filled our lives with joy.
Because I had not had the oil changed in my car by the scheduled time, the company voided my warranty. If anything happens to my car, I'll have to pay for it.
You can describe the outer space using the word void because it appears to be largely empty. In medicine, to void is to empty the bladder or bowel.
Captain Kirk gave the orders on the Starship Enterprise as it continued to voyage into the void of outer space in search of planets that support life.
My dog had had a blockage in his bladder for several days and was in great pain. The veterinarian had to insert a catheter to help my dog void his bladder which provided him with immediate relief.