Chocolate is a typical dessert. I've always love chocolare since I was a child and I've eaten a lot of chocolate.If you want to cook chocolate you have to bue some ingredients such as the cocoa, the butter of cocoa, milk and sugar. There are classical bars of chocolate, biscuits of chocolate,eggs and so on . There is chocolate with milk, with filbertsw and so many other types.
I prefer dark chocolate because I don't like milk.In winter when it is cold , in the afternoon I have to drink a warm cup of chocolate at the bar with my friend or in the morning for breakfast ( not to be cold).

Diffusion of chocolate

Young people love chocolate but I think that everyone loves chocolate. In Italy the most important city for this production is Perugia, in Umbria. There is the factory of "Perugina" , it is very famous, very appreciated but it is expensive too.There is an internation fair "EUROCHOCOLATE" that takes place every year, the most beloved festival and followed by gluttons.For this event that lasts eight days the chocolate masters have also realize an enormous sculptures of chocolate. Ten masters, for example, have created "BACIO PERUGINA", that is a little chocolate with the greatest dimension all over the world. Next October my father is drivingto Perugia during this event. We are tasting the goo chocolate and we are having fun.

Problems tied to chocolate

A problem tied to the diffusion of chocolate is the obesity, indeed this is a very caloric food and for many people it creates dependence. To loose qwight I have gone, recfently, three times a week to a gym near my home . And If I have the possibility I'll go also in the future during my free time. I will be carefull, I won't eat a lot of chocolate. Another problem tied to chocolate expecially in adolescent age is acne , because some substances increase the presence of many brufoils.Now I don't have this problem and I hope that I will not have it in the future.

Beauty products

There are a lot of chocolare beauty products such as lip glosses,creams, masks. I like these products and I use them regularcy. I like tha taste and the smell they spread on your skin. If you want to relax,you should try a massage with chocolate cream. I remember that when the masseur was massaging me I felt a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Chocolate is good for your heart

A study carried out in German has found that chocolate may be good for your heart.This is a fantastic news for all chocolate lovers. Indeed the German study showed that people who eat more chocolate reduce their risk of having heart attack.Nutrion experts believe that natural compounds in chocolate are good four our heart and also help to reduce blood pressure.They are founf in cocoa beans so dark chocolate contains more of them than milk chocolate so.If people eat regularcyamounts chocolate, they wile prevents cardiovascolar diseases.

The use of chocolate

In the world various producers of chocolate exist, indeed on the market we not only find Italian chocolate but also chocolate produced in foreign countries.In the period of Ester we can find the "Ester eggs" in the strangest forms and of particular tastes, but chocolate is also used as a gift indeed on "Saint Valentine's" day people in love have to exchange gifs and they oftenexcauche packs of chocolates heart-shaped.
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