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To catch a criminal means to find them so you can take them into custody. When a criminal is caught by police, they are usually charged with a crime and arrested right away.
Ex: Jacob had committed crimes in over ten states before he was finally caught by police in California. They recognized his face after seeing a picture of him on the news.

Ex: If you want to be a successful police detective, you have to be able to use evidence to catch a criminal after they have committed a crime.
When a criminal is caught red-handed, it means they have been caught in the act of a crime. Police will catch someone red-handed when they find evidence, like blood, on the criminal or other clear signs they are guilty, such as photographs or videos.
Ex: After stealing a chocolate bar from the local shop, Lauren was caught red-handed. The wrapper was in her pocket, and she had chocolate all over her face.
Ex: It is very rare for police to catch a criminal red-handed. But when it does happen, it makes an arrest much easier to make.


To interrogate someone means to ask them a lot of difficult questions at one time. Usually, an interrogation is a difficult process that police use to make a criminal feel uncomfortable so they decide to admit what they did wrong.
Ex: After they arrested Mikey, the police interrogated him for hours. They asked him about his family, his friends, and what type of things he did every day and on the weekends.
Ex: Katie's dad likes to make her boyfriends uncomfortable by interrogating them when he meets them. He asks them many personal questions just to see if they become angry or share secret information about themselves.
A synonym for interrogate is to give the third degree. When you give someone the third degree, it means you ask them more questions than is normal in most adult conversations.
Ex: After coming home late from the movie's, John's mom gave him the third degree. All he wanted to do was go to bed, but she kept asking him more and more questions.
Ex: I can't stand when people give me the third degree about my life. There are some things I don't want to tell anyone, even my best friend.
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