Video appunto: Call off and put off

Call Off

To call something off is to cancel or stop it. Call off can also mean to distract or take away.
Ex: The bride got nervous and called off her wedding. It took a month to return all the gifts she'd already received.
Ex: After I presented a witness to the fight in the cafeteria, and she told the head teacher that I had not been involved, he called off my three¬ day suspension.

The phrase, called the game, is a shortened version of called off. A baseball game might be called due to rain. In most cases, this is a postponement, and the game will resume when the weather improves. The expression call off the dogs means to stop criticizing or attacking someone.
Ex: Officials called the golf match because it became too dark to play. They will finish the final holes tomorrow.
Ex: When Tom was working for the evening news, he was told to interview a hermit. Tom has always thought only crazy people liked living alone and had to call off the dogs to get that hermit's interview.

Put Off

When you put off something, you postpone it or defer it to a later time. If you keep making excuses not to have lunch with a coworker, you are putting him off. You may put off doing something to get rid of the obligation.
Ex: Because I did not want to go on the Caribbean cruise with my cousin, John, I put off giving him my answer until it was too late to book a cabin.
To be put off is to be offended in some way. A person's superior attitude about everything may put you off. A familiar piece of advice is to never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. It means you should do not delay doing something you can do right now.
Ex: If you put off doing your homework, you will have twice as much to do tomorrow. You might not finish everything you need to do. Just remember what granny used to say, "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today".