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Something described as bizarre is unusual in an amusing way. A bizarre object or person is often considered to be outrageous.
Ex: Most students at my high school enjoy my brother's bizarre hats. He has about 30 of them, and each one depicts the face of a different animal.
Ex: Charlie Sheen went from being the highest-paid actor on television to a ranting lunatic seemingly overnight. His bizarre behaviour did not impress fans of his work in Two and a Half Men.
Bizarre is sometimes confused with bazaar, which is a marketplace or shopping area, especially one located in the Middle East. Today, you might find a bazaar held to raise money for a charity by selling miscellaneous donated items.
Ex: If you travel to Istanbul, Turkey, you must visit the Grand Bazaar where thousands of shops and stalls offer a dizzying variety of goods.
Ex: When the church on my street held a bazaar to raise money for the local food bank, cars lined both sides of the street, making it difficult to go anywhere.


Weird is another way of saying strange or bizarre, especially in an unsettling way. Originally, weird referred to people or events related to the supernatural. Weirdness is the noun form.
Ex: The weather in the southeast was weird last year. There was no snow at Christmas, but plenty of snow for Mother's Day in March.
Ex: The list of characters in Shakespeare's Macbeth includes the weird sisters, the witches whose supernatural powers predict Macbeth's future.
A weirdo is someone who behaves in a bizarre manner. You may be weirded out if you experience or see something that is strangely different or supernatural.
Ex: My little brother is such a weirdo! He eats hot dogs for breakfast and cereal for dinner. His wacky, mismatched socks only add to my opinion of him.
Ex: I am weirded out every time I see Scott turn his eyelids inside out. He can also put his entire fist in his mouth, which I also find disturbing.
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