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To beat is to hit or pulse with regularity, such as to beat a drum. Beat can mean any repetitive noise, such as the beat to a piece of music.
EX: The field was so quiet, the photographer could hear the beat of the bumble bee's wings as it darted around him.
EX: The guitar player could be seen to keep a steady beat to the music with his foot as he enjoyed being onstage with his fellow band members.
A heartbeat is the noise the heart makes as it pumps blood in and out of its chambers. A heartbeat can quicken when a person is excited or scared, and slow when calm.
EX: Part of my daughters' annual physical exam is for the doctor to listen to her heartbeat to check for any irregularities.
EX: Though he knew it was impossible, the man was so nervous about his audition he felt as if his heartbeat could be heard by the judges!


To blush is to have one's skin turn red or pink as a result of embarrassment or another emotion, such as modesty or shame.
EX: The shy young girl began to blush as soon as she saw her new acquaintance heading towards her with a bouquet of flowers.
EX: The twins began to blush as soon as they were questioned about who had consumed all of the cookies that had been intended for an after dinner treat.
At first blush is an expression that mean at the first consideration of something. Similar expressions are at first sight, at first glance, or at first thought. Each carries that meaning of an initial pondering or consideration of something or someone.
EX: At first blush, one might assume that the baskets were common, but a closer inspection revealed the designs required a lot of intricate hand weaving.
EX: The pilot warned his new students that many manoeuvres that at first sight appear easy are actually complex and complicated when performed.
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