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We had organized to have a barbeque with some friends to celebrate the beginning of the summer. We would meet in this house close to a forest edge in Tuscany where these friends of my parents live with their daughter. She is about my age and I had met her on a summer in Sardinia a couple of years ago. She’s very nice and we go along very well. Since we were going by car we had planned to bring the drinks while they would take care of the food. We were lucky as it was a fine sunny day so we could stay outdoors. They had set a long wooden table with a paper cloth in the garden while the barbeque had been put at the far end corner so that the fumes would not annoy us. As soon as we arrived, my father went to help cook the meat and my mother helped in the kitchen with the sides and the rice salad while me and Vale finished to set the table before going to play. Lunch was very good and accompanied by some beer which, for the occasion, we were also allowed to taste. After lunch we stayed at the table reminiscing about that holiday we had had in Sardinia and we had some good laughs when our parents retold some funny stories that had happened at the time. After a while we left the adults and their talks to go back to play and we were very sad when finally the time came when we had to leave and go back home. It was a very nice day and I hope we will do it again any time soon.
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