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In Someone’s Time

When you speak of someone getting something done or accomplished in his time or her time, you mean that they must do this at a time or in a period that is best for them, for example a shy person might warm up to a new group of people in her time.
Ex: After the death of Nan's husband, our reading club decided to allow her to return to the group in her own time instead of trying to pressure her to return to normal activities, but to stay in contact with her regularly nonetheless.
Ex: I know she will finish her masters, but it will have to be in the company's time, not at the rate she would like to, since they are the ones paying her tuition.
Taking your sweet time is a an expression that means you are taking a long time to do something, usually in a way that is an inconvenience to others. This is an informal expression.
Ex: The boy did come home from the fishing pond when he heard his mother call, but he took his own sweet time in getting there.
Ex: I noticed you were taking your sweet time about getting outside to ride the bus this morning. Is there something happening at school that makes you want to avoid going?


To be suitable is to have the quality of propriety or acceptability. If something is suitable, they or it are acceptable or proper for the situation. A person can also be considered suitable, for example, for a job or for another person.
Ex: I need to be home early enough to make sure the children have something suitable to wear for the wedding this evening. They are growing so fast, I may have to do a little shopping to make sure they are properly dressed.
Ex:My wife thinks it would be nice for my mother to find a dog with a suitable temperament to adopt. She lives in a small apartment, so the size of the dog must be considered as well.
To be unsuitable is to be improper, unacceptable, or a poor match. Something that is unsuitable will not work for the particular person or situation.
Ex: The music picked by the new choir director was lovely, but proved unsuitable for the young and inexperienced children's choir.
Ex: My teenage nephew doesn't always understand why I consider some of the music he listens to unsuitable for my children, but we agree to disagree on the subject.
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