Video appunto: Apricot and Avocado


An apricot is small, sweet fruit that is yellow or orange, sometimes a little pink, and looks like a small peach. They grow on trees and have a large seed in the middle. They are often sold as dried fruits.
We had a wonderful breakfast this morning. We had fresh coffee, toasted oatmeal and fresh, sweet apricots.

Sarah came home from the market and offered us a wonderful basket of nuts and dried apricots. The sweet, orange fruit made it a great snack.
The large, hard seed inside an apricot can be called a stone or a pit. We also use these words for the large seed in similar fruits like peaches.
When Josh finished eating his apricots, he had several pits in his hand. He buried them in the garden, hoping an apricot tree might grow there next year.
My sister doesn't really like eating apricots and peaches because you have to avoid the big stones in the middle; she says she prefers soft fruits like bananas that don't have those.


An avocado is a type of fruit native to Mexico and Central America that is shaped like an oval or a pear, with a tough green or blackish skin and a soft, green flesh inside. In the center is a large, round seed.
Julia is a vegetarian so she eats a lot of avocados. They have more fat and protein than most other fruits or vegetables, so they are an important part of her diet.
I like to put avocados in my salads. The soft, oily fruit adds a lot of flavour and makes the salad much more filling.
An old fashioned word for avocado is alligator pear, since it is green like an alligator and shaped like a pear. A popular dish made with avocados is guacamole, a green sauce that often includes salt, lime juice and olive oil. In North America, people often shorten the word to just guac.
When the man asked for an alligator pear I didn't realize at first what he meant. Then Sarah explained that this is another word for avocado.
I think my favorite snack is chips and guac. The soft, green dip is just the perfect food on a hot summer day.