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World War II broke out on Sept. 3, 1939 when Poland was invaded by Germany, which wanted to conquer the territory of Gdansk, through a blitzkrieg. To make it even more difficult to defend the Poles was also the sudden attack of Soviet forces, and in less than a month since the beginning of the war, Poland was divided between Germany and the Soviet Union. Two months after the Soviet army put under his power Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland attacked the occupying it. In the Spring of 1940 Hitler took possession of Denmark and Norway and his army on May 10, violating the neutrality of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg and entered France in a few days Hitler had occupied the Costa Channel. Meanwhile in Rome on 1 September 1939, the Council of Ministers proclaimed "non-aggression" of Italy (hence the non-intervention in the war) having the support of Pope Pius XII.
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Faced with the defeat of the French and the victories of Hitler, Mussolini could not resist the temptation of being able to sit at the peace table, then declared war on 10 June 1940 to France and all'Inghilterra.Dopo eight days of employment in Paris the head of government French June 22 churches also signed the armistice and Italy on June 24. The repeated attempts by Hitler to obtain peace with England remained without any response in the face aversion to Prime Minister Winston Churchill was elected in May 1940.L'8 August Hitler began the Battle of Britain, that is, a series of bombing raids on military installations and the most important city of the island that were submitted for 84 days in a rain of fire by the German. At the same time in the Mediterranean and in Africa. Despite the continuous bombardment, England did not give up so much so that in October 1940, the Battle of Britain could be considered failed. At the same time Italy with Mussolini made a two-pronged attack: in East Africa that ended with the conquest of British Somaliland and that of Libia.Nel meantime the Pact of Steel May 22, 1939 it was extended to Japan making it the Tripartite Pact 27 September 1940. In October 28, 1940 the same Mussolini invaded Greece, although the greek army was able to reject the fascist troops, thus penetrating in Albania itself. Almost at the same time Italy lost men in Taranto and in the waters of Cape Matapan at the hands of the English, who conquered Libya, Somalia, Eritrea and Etiopia.Successivamente the Axis forces back in Africa and the Balkans. In Africa, the Italian with the help of Nazi troops forced the British to abandon in Libya, at the same time Hitler was able to occupy Yugoslavia, also invading Greece and Crete. With the conquest of Africa and the Balkans, Hitler had now under his power all of Western Europe. He himself, however, had as its objective the conquest of 'URS, that Stalin was a failure. In fact the main goal was to bring down the state of Hitler because he considered Communist Eastern Europe as "vital space" of Germany. That's why on June 22, 1941, Hitler gave away all '"Operation Barbarossa" by ordering his troops to attack the Soviet Union. Hitler in a few weeks with the help of 200,000 common ally Mussolini, could seize territories foreigners coming to Moscow and Leningrad, but not conquering. In fact, the Soviet army had managed to escape at the same leader, creating a resistance movement. In mid-October the winter prevented Hitler to occupy Moscow. The planned blitzkrieg was considered bankrupt, while the Soviet Union reorganized the army under General Georgi Zokov and US allies. Meanwhile, half of Europe except Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain were under Nazi rule. The first consequence of Nazism was forced labor in which millions of people were forced, after being deported in cattle wagons Germania.In particular the Germans staged a ruthless and cruel extermination of the Jews, through mass deportations, forced labor that ended then in concentration camps, in the ovens of Auschwitz and other. Six million Jews were exterminated not only.

In the second half of 1941 they occurred two major events designed to give a new development to the war.
The August 14, 1941 Prime Minister Churchill signed with the American President Roosevelt the Atlantic Charter, a statement where they were established some fundamental principles of freedom and democracy to be realized after the Nazi destruction. January 1, 1942 in Washington, signed the US, UK, URS, China and 20 other nations a statement of the United Nations, after the UN created.
The other event was the attack without any statement of Japan at the US naval base at Pearl Harbor. On 8 December 1941, the US declared war on Japan. To make Japan the attack had been the desire to conquer and achieve a "great Asia", even after conquering China. The Japanese conquered the Far East as well as troops Italo - German conquered North Africa and just that was a downside because duci widened the front, making it difficult for the Germans themselves contacts and supplies. To help in this fallen forces Hitler contributed US aid and, paradoxically, the tide of the war toppled, so much so that on Feb. 2, 1943 there was the German surrender.

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