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The "rose" is the national emblem of England from the time of the War of the Roses. These wars broke out between the House of York and the House of Lancaster. The Wars of the Roses were wars of destruction, every victory being followed by massacres and confiscations for the benefit of the Crown. The supportes of the House of Lancaster were the bellicose nobles of Scotland and Wales, while the Yorkists found their followers in East Anglia and London. The wars were formally battles between rival groups of nobles. In fact, the economic life of the time went on in spite of the wars, due to indifference of the majority of the population to the results of the conflict. The definitive victory of the Yorkists was a victory of the regions which were economically richer. The wars ended in 1485 when Hennry Tudor defeated Richard III in the battle of Bosworth and became Henry VII. Henry`s marriage to Elizabeth of York united the two sides and ended he fighting. A new different monarchy based on a fifferent relationship between classes was born (The Tudor Dynasty).

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