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The dinasty of Hanover

When the queen died in 1714, her nearest Protestant relative, George of Hanover, became king undere the name of Gerorge (1714-1727). So the dinasty of the Hanover succeeded that of the Stuart.
The new king could speak not English and preferred German to England, which made him unpopular.
His kingdom had a populatio of 5,5 million, most of which was rural and lived in the South; the only large town was London.

His accession has come to be considered the beginning of the Augustan Age.
Genarally regalded as a golden age, the 18th century in England was called Augustan after the period of Roman history which had archivied political stability and power a well as a flourishing of the arts. In fact, it was an age of wise traditionailsm, of elegance and wit, but also a distinctive moment in thw making of modern England.
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