Serviced accommodation in Britain is broadly divided into two large categories: hotel and guest accommodation.

Offer formal accommodation with a number of services and facilities: typical services are reception services, transportation and transfers, tourist information, ticket reservations, laundry and room service. Facilities may include restaurants and bars, business centers, sports facilities, like swimming pools and tennis lawns, minibar, pay TV, internet connection and direct-dial telephone.
Serviced accommodation can be reserved on different terms. Half board accommodation includes bed, breakfast and a meal. The price of full board accommodation includes overnight stays and all meals. Hotels vary greatly, from small, family-owned hotels to large luxury hotels owned by multinational companies.
There are city and town hotels that accommodate mainly tourists and business people generally for short periods. They are usually located close to city centers, tourist attractions, financial districts, international fairs and stations.

Country house hotels are hotels with ample grounds or gardens, in a rural or semi-rural location, with an emphasis on peace and quiet.
Budget hotels are often roadside hotels and part of a large "branded" hotel group offering basic and clean en suite facilities and 24 hour service at moderate prices. Examples of budget hotel chains are Premier Inn and Travelodge.
Some hotels take their names from the type of location, such as airport hotels and resort hotels. Most resort hotels are located in holiday destinations and attract holiday maker with a wide variety of facilities, such as golf courses, tennis lawns and swimming pools. Holiday villages are all-inclusive resort hotels that provide a list of services, facilities and activities in one single package. Visitors usually stay in villas or bungalow, and there is a central area with shops, restaurants and entertainment.
Other hotels take their names from a specific function they specialize in, such as conference hotels, which offer large meeting rooms and facilities for special events.
Motels are hotels with large car parks. They are usually located close to motorway junctions and cater for people travelling by car. Others still take their names from a particular "hotel style", like boutique hotels, generally small hotels characterized by extremely elegant and sophisticated interior design.

Guest accommodation
Offers informal accommodation with limited service and moderate prices. Guest accommodation includes:
Bed and breakfasts usually accommodate no more than six people. It's like staying as a special guest in someone's home. They may have en suite bedrooms, private or shared bathrooms. Breakfast is always included in the price.

Guest houses offer three to eight rooms, often en suite; many offer dinner to their guests.
Farm houses offer bed and breakfast, and sometimes dinner, always on a farm. They often provide accommodation as an additional income to the basic function of farming.
Inns are pubs with rooms which serve food in the evenings, as well as breakfast.

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