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Hotel Grading

In Britain hotels are rated from one to five stars as in most countries. Levels of quality and quantity of services are assessed in five key areas:
1. Cleanliness; 4. Bedrooms
2. Service; 5. Bathrooms;
3. Food;
One star:
Minimum standards for cleanliness and hospitability.
All bedrooms cleaned daily. All beds made daily. A dining room serving cooked breakfast 7 days a week and serving evening meals at least 5 times a week. 100% of bedrooms will have en suite facilities.
Two stars:
In addition to the requirements for 1 star, the key requirements for achieving a 2 star rating are more comfortable accommodation and all bedrooms with a colour TV. Staff are smartly presented. A dining room serving evening meals 7 days a week.
Three stars:
Greater quality of service and facilities, larger hotels with more spacious public areas, one room service meal clearly advertised in bedrooms and greater attention of the quality of food.
Four stars:
24 hours room service of all meals, laundry and dry-cleaning, en suite bathrooms and at least one suite available.
Five stars:
The highest international quality of accommodation service and additional facilities such as leisure or business centre, spa and an indoor swimming pool.
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