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After the war there was the rise of the Labor Party, whose leaders were members of the middle classes. The People Act granted all men over 21 the right to vote and women could vote if they were property owners over thirty years of age. Only ten years later, women obtained voting rights on an equal basis with man. But there was unrest both in Ireland and India. In India Mahatma Gandhi started a non-violent protest against British government to obtain a faster self-government, but he was arrested. His revaluation come many years later.
In all Europe and America there was a serious crisis, a depression, that especially hits defeated countries in World War I. But by 1935 Germany was preparing to regain its dominant position in Europe. So economy grew because of rearmament. In 1936, crisis was strong: King Edward abdicated, there was the Spanish Civil War and Italy conquered Ethiopia. King Edward wanted to marry a divorced American woman but all parties opposed him. George VI succeeded him. The Spanish war was very cruel and was won by the rebel Francisco Franco, helped by dictators Hitler and Mussolini. The left-wing in Britain supported Spanish republicans. Auden, Orwell and Hemingway joined the anti-fascist International Brigade.

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