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Teenagers in the UK

One in five young British people think that their parents, who have some of the longest working hours in Europe, are too stressed to spend time with them. This problem has increased with the change in working styles, and the explosion in the number of call centres and new businesses operating around the clock. 17 years old David Hassin says, “Parents want what’s best for their children but the world is complex and busy. Parents need to dit down and talk to us.”
Overworked parents need to sit down time to discuss choices with their children. In fact, only half of British teenagers think their parents are helpful with the issues they face as they grow up.“I see my mum and dad for long period only at the weekends,”says Emma Cohen. “It would be good toh ave more time together, but I understand they have to work. But sometimes you just want to chat things through.”
However, one in ten teenagers complained about parents who “cared too much” or tried to live out their own dreams through their children.
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