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A bit of history.

Athletics is one of the most ancient sports in the entire world, because the first organised athletics were traced back to 776 BC with the first Ancient Olympic Games in Greece.
Today it’s a collection of sports which includes competitive running, jumping, throwing and walking races.
It is divided in four events: track and field, road running, cross country running and race walking.
The most popular event is track and field, in particular sprint races, such as 100 mts.
The most practised sport is road running, as it is simple and you don’t need expensive equipment.

What’s doping?

Doping is the use or abuse of substances such as morphine for improving the athletes’ performances. This name comes from the African ‘dop’, which means an alcoholic drink that Africans used to have before dancing in the XVII century.

The sports regulations prohibit doping, they specify the types and dosage of drugs allowed. They also establish the requirement for athletes to submit blood and urine analysis.
In 2007 the Athlete Biological Passport was introduced. It’s an individual electronic record for professional athletes in which biological data are stored, so you can detect the use of drugs by noting variances in these.

Why I like running.

Running is a tough sport where you have to sweat and work hard to be the best in your category.
The emotions you feel when you’re training, when you are in a race, are something that makes you confident and happy. When you are at the starting blocks you are nervous, because you know that your moment has arrived, so you don’t want to miss your mark. When the starter pistol goes off you have to go out and get the most from this experience.
First of all, you have to enjoy it, then if you win it’s better!

My performances.

I started running when I was at the Middle School. First, I ran in the cross country, and I qualified for the final round in Pavia for three consecutive years. This year I’m attending a secondary high school in Pavia, and I qualified for the cross country district competition.
Then, in April, I took part in the 400 mts. provincial competition, but unfortunately I didn’t do as well as I expected because I hadn’t trained enough and moreover, I didn’t have the right shoes. Anyway I had great fun, and I’m planning to do better next year.

Usain ‘’Lightning’’ Bolt.

My sports hero is the Jamaican Usain Bolt. He’s a record breaker and a sprint runner.
He was born on the 21-08-1986 in the Jamaican parish of Trelawny.
He started practising athletics at primary school. His cricket trainer saw his potential as a runner, so he encouraged to keep it up.
In 2001 he won his first medal, and he’s got better and better in the following years. He’s been breaking world records for the last few years.
In 2008 he won 3 medals and broke 3 records.
Now he’s training for the 2012 Olympics.

Some real cool facts about Usain.

 His official name is The Honourable Usain St.Leo Bolt.
 He’s one of the seven athletes who won several competitions at junior, senior and professional levels.
 He supports Manchester Utd and Real Madrid.
 He says that he wants to play in the Manchester Utd when he retires.
 Prince Harry won on a sprint race against him.
 He usually celebrates victories with a particular Jamaican dance.
 His nickname’s ‘Lightning’ because he’s as fast as it.
 A Puma’s shoe model is called ‘Bolt’.
 He broke a world record with a shoe that wasn’t tied.

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