Skin injuries: stings, burns and scalds

Stings: these are bites from insects such as wasp, bee and scorpion. The sting may sometimes remain in the skin and should be removed.

- Clean the are with cold water.

- Apply a soothing lotion such as calamine lotion.

- Remove the sting from the body by:
a) gently squeezing at opposite sides of the puncture. Alternatively, place the ring-like end of a small key over the puncture.
b) press the key hard to remove the sting.
c) clean the area with suitable antiseptic solution for examples T.C.P or Detol.
d) apply a clean bandage.
e) very painful stings such as that of scorpion should be treated by a doctor immediately.

Burns and scalds
These are skin injuries caused by heat. Burns are caused by dry heat for example a flame or hot iron. Scalds are caused by moist heat for example steam or boiling liquids on the skin.

1. Cover the burnt or scalded area immediately with cold water. This stops pain and checks, the effect of the heat.

2. Cover the area with vaseline petroleum jelly and place a layer of gauze over it.

3. If blisters occur do not open them.

4. If a person's clothes are burning on him, roll him in a rug, blanket or other heavy material available.

5. Sever burns and scalds should absolutely be treated immediately by a doctor.

Effects of bleaching creams on the skin
Bleaching the skin is the process of applying specially prepared chemicals to remove the dark pigment on the outer skin. The result is fair or lighter skin. The practice has the following effects:
- Bleached skins are very difficult to heal if wounded.

- Bleached skins lose their natural beauty and look unhealthy.

- Bleaching produces patches of dark and light skin.

- it might result in skin problems later in life.

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