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Dustin Lee Hoffman (Los Angeles, 8 August 1937) is a film actor and theatrical American.

Having been born at Los Angeles began quite soon to work in the world of the show: used in fact to accompany the father, gymnast of the studios of Hollywood, to the work.

Trasferitosi to New York for study performance all' Actor' s I Study, in 1967 began on the large screen - after a theatrical mess kit - with The Graduate, directed by the producer Mike Nichols, film that the first candidacy to the Prize is been worth him Oscar.

In its career, Hoffman interpreted tens of film (almost all of success, is to the ticket office that in seat of critic), winning two statuettes of gold like best actor: the first one in 1980 with the film Kramer against Kramer; the second one in 1989 with the film Rain Man, that itself agreed to award him also a Prize David of Donatello.

In 1996 it won to Venice The Lion of gold to the career.

In 2007 it testimonial of some television ad Christmas of Sky Italy was.

It will produce and it will be the protagonist of the personal film Injuries, a thriller from the book of Scott Turow on tribunals and corruptions.
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