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The St. Patrick's Day is a Christian origin festival which is celebrated on 17 March. this festival is celebrated every year in honor of Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint.
St. Patrick's Day is the most important holiday of the year in Ireland and all over the island and the capital come alive with festivities, concerts, parades, fireworks and lots of fun.

The holiday commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland during the 600 thanks to Patrick, who at the time was bishop in Ireland.
On 17 March is a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland. This anniversary is also celebrated in other countries, particularly those affected by a significant Irish immigration.
The St. Patrick's Day is also one of the most celebrated national festivals in the world and interesting people without Irish trends. In Ireland this festival is already celebrated by more than a thousand years.
During the St. Patrick's Day, is traditional to have lunch with specific dishes and specific drinks. The drinks are alcoholic while the dishes are mainly made with local produce.
The Irish celebrations are developed in the world by the end of the nineteenth century.
The St. Patrick Day is not original by Ireland but for America.
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