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San Francisco

San Francisco is the most important city of the California. It’s situated on a peninsula. It’s between San Francisco bay and Pacific Ocean. The golden Gate bridge links the city to Oakland. In the bay there’re many islands. One of this island is Alcatraz. It was a federal prison but now is closed. It’s still an attraction for tourists. San Francisco is a city with numerous hills, about forty. From the top of this hills, people can have wonderful view of the city. The hills are very steep and people generally use to take cable cars to go up and down them, these cars are a characteristics of San Francisco. They’re drown by a cable and take people all around the city. People from different cultures live in San Francisco. You can find: Chinese, Italian, Japan people etc.. They live in differents areas such as Chinese in China town etc...San Francisco is really a very beautiful city. A writer once said that every person should love two cities, his own and San Francisco.

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