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Polinesia - Presentazione turistica scaricato 2 volte

Presentation of Polynesia

Good morning everybody. Thank you for inviting me to talk about Polynesia.
today I will speak about: its position, the origin of its name, the type of climate, the typical handicrafts, its food, le Meridien Tahiti Resort..

I would like to begin telling you about its position: Polinesia is one of the regions which divide the Oceania and is roughly comprised a triangle between New Zeland, Easter Island and the island of Hawaii.
The official languages are French and Tahitian but it also spoken in English.

The NAME is derived from the ancient greek (polys, "many") and (nesos, "island"), meaning "many islands."
In fact is made up of 118 islands.

The CLIMATE is tropical and very sunny with rainfall concentrated in our winter months (November to March). The temperature is pleasant (gradevole)and average (la media) is around 27°(degree) Celsius.

Typical plans of the landscape(panorama) are coconut palms, Australian pines, breadfruit trees and giant bamboo.

Different species of animals: giant turtles, dolphins, breeds manta, colored fish of any kind and corals colorful.

For those who want to visit the stores or shopping, there are some special handicrafts like the “TAPA”, derived from the tree of paper and painted with traditional decorations, the “TIKI”, wood carvings of ancient gods, mother of pearl jewelry, worked shells.

And last but not least important is the KITCHEN in Polynesia that is made up of simple products.
The Polynesian cuisine turns out to be light and tasty: the result of a cross between the French culinary tradition, Chinese and, even if minimally, Italian.
Among the specialties not to be missed are the Tahitian raw fish and the Po’e and a fruit compote served with creamy coconut milk.
In the Polynesian islands certainly the fruit doesn’t fail, we can in fact enjoy, in addition to the variety of exotic fruits, a local produce almost impossible to find in the West, the most famous is the legendary breadfruit.
For those who love fishing can be arranged picnic on the beach enjoying freshly caught fish and roasted on fire, so enjoy a tasty dinner in a magical atmosphere.

This Hotel is situated in Papeete, that is the capital of the Polynesia.
set in tropical gardens near the beach. This beautiful resort offers a pool with sandy bottom. Le Meridien Resort Tahiti allows choosing between soundproofed rooms (all with garden or lagoon view) and bungalows set directly on the water of the lagoon. All rooms have all comfort while in the bungalows there is also an outdoor patio.

There are also tennis curts, beach volleyball, canoeing, DIVING and in-room massages. Le Meridian Tahiti organizes tours to the cave of the Marae, the Gauguin Museum and the Seashell Museum, and then organizes special evenings with dances and shows representing the Tahitian traditions. The price varies depending on the type of room but a room for 2 nights ranging from € 400 to € 1.009 (the prices includes IVA 10% and service charges 4%).

Finally I would like to talk about the TRANSPORT: the best means of transport is certainly the plane.
The international airport is Faa’a, located in Tahiti.
Leaves Italy, in about 15 hours you can arrive in America and generally, after a stopover, take the direction to Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia (takes about 9 hours).
Once in Papeete you choose a local flight direct to the island selected. The duration of the flights can various from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the destination where you directed.
If you want to move around the island you can choose between: traditional panoramic buses, ships /ferries operating on a daily basis is Tahiti-Moorea. And finally you can also rent cars, bicycles and motorcycles.

The real voyage of discovery doesn’t consists in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
(Marcel Proust)
Thank you all for listening and I hope that you enjoyed it.

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