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William Pitt’s policy

In 1745 the Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole died and Charles Edward, grandson of James II, guided a second Jacobite rebellion in the attempt to take control of the throne of England. When the Scottish invaded England no Englishman joined because they didn’t want a Catholic king, or an alliance with France. The Hanoverians, who were protestant, continued their dynasty but the country required a new policy which was brought forward by William Pitt. He was a member of the Whig party but he was also an opponent of Walpole who had accused him and his ministers. He himself refused offers of bribe becoming very popular with the publics and from head of the Administration he became Prime Minister in 1766. Pitt’s foreign economic and mercantilist policy aimed to make England powerful in the world and trade market. When in 1756 the war broke out, in order to expand England trade and maintain a balanced power within Europe, England joined forces with Prussia against France, Spain, Austria and Russia. During the war against France England took control of great part of India and the islands of Guadaloupe, of Quebec in Canada, of Dakar in Africa. This Empire granted England imports of fish, fur, wood and sugar, and also slaves from Africa, and the international trade in England increased rapidly.
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