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Last summer I went to Gallipoli with my parents and some friends. We stayed in a resort where I met a lot of people. I went to the beach in the morning and in the afternoon we played in the pool. I preferred the pool because I could play with a ball and dive. My favorite part of this summer was when I went to a beach party. I’m going to Scotland this summer for a summer course with some friends and we are going to stay in college in a College. Among other tourist attractions I’m going to visit Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea football stadium which is my favorite English football team, and I will probably go o a day trip to Oxford. I’m sure this trip is going to be fantastic because I’ll meet people from other parts of the world, because my English will improve and the most important thing is that I’m going to visit my favorite city.Last year , I went to Genova on a school trip and we had lots of fun. We visited Liguaria’s main cities but our favorite part of this trip was when we went to the disco. I made new friends and I met Liguarian people. When I was a child I visited Northern European capitals such as Copenhagen and Tallinn on a cruise. I like cruise holidays very much because I can relax and see new countries. But I prefer Italy and all its regions. Especially when I was a child, I traveled throughout Italy with my parents and their friends. My favorite towns are Rome and Naples. I go to Naples every month and Rome at least once a year.When I’m on holiday, I like to visit cities and relax myself and stay with friends. I’d like to go to Miami, Cuba, Jamaica and Hawaii. I have seen these countries on postcards. I’d like to go to Miami for the beaches, the parties, discos and Cuba for the lively music and the dancing too. Since I’m a Bob Marley fan I’d love to go to Jamaica where I can listen to lots of reggae music.

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