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Niccolò Copernico
Niccolò Copernico (Miko.aj Kopernik in Polish, Nicolaus Copernicus in the ancient and international texts) (Toru., February 19 th 1473. Frombork, 24 May 1543) has been a famous Polish astronomer to have brought to the affirmation of the heliocentric theory, contributing so to the astronomic Revolution.It was also a canon, a jurist, a governor, an astrologer and a physician. A historical-geographical debate, today considered few serious, was translated in a sour argument around his nationality. Copernico is considered generally a descending Polish from a family of origins Poles and German.His theory - that it proposes the Sun to the center of the system of orbits of the component planets the solar system - it takes back that Greek fret of Aristarco from Samo of the eliocentrismo, the opposite theory to the geocentrismo, that the Earth instead wanted to the center of the system. His worth it is not therefore the idea, already expressed by the Greek but his rigorous demonstration through observations type rational and mathematical.
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