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Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of the 20th century, was born in Germany in 1879. He was an intelligent child but he also loved music and while he was growing up he learned to play the violin.
In 1896, Einstein went to college in Switzerland and, after he finished, he got a job there and became a Swiss citizen. While he was living in Switzerland he got married and he and his wife had two sons. Later, they divorced. Einstein started to study physics in his free time while he was working in Switzerland. In 1905 he published his "special theory of relativity".
In 1913 he moved to Berlin and became a professor at the university. While he was teaching there he won the Nobel Prize for physics and became world-famous.
Einstein was still living in Berlin when the Nazi party came to power. Because he was Jewish he lost his job and had to leave the country.
He moved to the USA in 1933 and worked at the University of Princeton. He eventually became a US citizen and stayed in America until he died in 1955

Ricapitolando, i principali eventi che sono avvenuti nella sua vita, sono:

1879 Einstein was born in German

1896 Einstein went to college in Switzerland

1905 Einstein published his "theory of relativity"

1913 Einstein moved to Berlin

1933 Einstein moved to the USA

1955 Einstein died in the USA

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