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My cat

I have a cat at home and I love her. Some people say that cats do not show affection any they are selfish and superiors. I do not agree with this people. It’s true that cats do not show love the way dogs do, they just have their ways to do it.
My cat is named Skoda, like the car brand, and she's all black with yellow eyes. She's slim and if you look at her walking from behind you'll notice that her left hind-leg twists outward when she puts it down. My cat always keeps me company while I study; she lays down on my books or sits on my computer and waves her tail in front of the screen, or just balls up on my lap or on a side of my same chair. She asks for attention and wants me to scratch her behind her ears or under her chin. She loves it. She sleeps with me at night, sometimes chasing my feet under the sheet, as if it was a mouse to catch. But never ever she has harmed me with her claws. She’s ever so delicate. She wakes me up in the morning softly biting my nose if I’m late and she follows me to the kitchen where she knows I’ll be feeding her before I have my own breakfast. When I come back after school, if she’s outdoors, she catches up with me and walks back in behind me meowing until I acknowledge her presence.
She’s a great company to me and a friend I can always talk to or play with and I truly love her.
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