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Most interesting journey

The most interesting journey I have ever had was when I went to Sardinia a few years ago. I went with my parents and sister and my cousin. I was fourteen but I can remember it clearly because it was the first and only time we went camping. For my cousin, who is four years older than me, it was normal routine because with her parents she always has this kind of holidays but being a first for me I was very excited.
We stayed two weeks at the camping site which, after some struggling with the setting up of the tents, was nice and cozy. It is amazing how much teamwork is required when you are camping. All duties have to be shared, from keeping the small living area tidy to cooking to washing up. During our stay we didn’t only stay on the beach of the camping to bathe in the sun and swim in the crystal clear sea, but we also visited ancient Roman archeological sites nearby. It was extremely interesting, my cousin would say. In fact she has a likely for all which is ancient. For me the ruins were nothing special and I mostly liked the hikes. The holiday was made fun also because we met with some other friends of ours too. I remember this thin young boy who wanted to fight Judo with my dad, on the sandy beach. My dad hadn’t done it for years but apparently some things you don’t forget with time and I lost count of how many times my father gently knocked the kid down. But I remember the laughs we all had!
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