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Key Concepts

-The Commonwealth is the only period when monarchy was abolished in England. After the end of the Commonwealth,we have the so called "Restoration". Restoration means to put in the same old condition. In fact,the restoration in that case is the restoration of the monarchy in the figure of Charles II.
-After the Grat Fire of 1666 ,there is the rebuilding of the City of London,which became the political and cultural center of country.
-The aim of the new Royal Society was interested in new discoveries because the science had new developments. Philosophy too was increases by the theories of Empiricism.
-After the Glorious Revolution of 1688,the middle class rises. In fact they joined forces in commercial and agricultural ventures.
-The beginning of the 18th century is called the Augustan Age from Rome,the royal roman age,and it was modeled on the classical and imperial Rome. Artists started to use Irony and Satire.

-The middle class starts using newspapers and magazines for instruction because during that century they were the only one that could afford it because they had enough money to buy the books and they had enough time to read it. That's why we had the rise of the novel. This middle class represented Puritan,closed mind people with a strong sense of the importance of the family.

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