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Armageddon Special Effects
You enter the Space Station from the film Armageddon. Then you stand in a circe and watch special effects – a meteor shower, and smoke and fire all around you. There are lights shinning everywhere, the room vibrates, and there’s an explosion. It goes very dark, so maybe it’s not good for small children.

Studio Tram Tour
At start, you think it’s going to be boring tram ride – but it becomes manic and enjoyable. You move past losts of objects, costumes and sets from films like Pearl Harbour and Dinotopia. There’s a brilliant scene of a ruined London street, with dragons attacking. At Catastrophe Canyon, there’s a big explosion and lots of water comes down at you.

Art of Disney Animation
This shows you how they do animation. There’s a room where you cam play with lots of old toys from the early days of animation. There’s also a show with classic bits from Disney films. Like Mushu the dragon from Mulan. At the end, you can make your own animations.

Stunt Spectacular
This show demnstrates how they do movie stunts. One minute there’s a car jumping the air, then there’s a motorcyclist on one wheel. Then there’s a manic car chase and a massive explosion. The atmosphere is like a football match, with a thousand people watching.

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