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Agriculture and demography

Between 1800 and 1850 agricultural production increased due to three factors:
-the liberation of the peasantry from all feudal obligation towards the noble;
-the crop rotation it is passed by a three-year rotation of the four-and this was thanks to the production of artificial fertilizers.
-the sustainable utilization of agricultural machinery for the lack of manpower compared to the vastness of the territory.
Between 1770 and 1870 in the farms was introduced industrial plow replaced the building in the village and also the seed was placed in the furrows from seeders. With the agricultural revolution there were some novelties:
-diminuirono employees in agriculture as there was no need for many workers;
-you spread the marketing of products;
-the bourgeoisie intervened in investing campaigns.
Around 1750, the demographic development is interrupted. In 1700 the world population was 600 million, was reached in 800 to 900 million in 1850-1870 to 1.2 billion. Since 1750 so the population soared to double after only a century. The causes of this demographic growth was the decrease in the mortality rate and longer average life and for that there is a demographic revolution as there was the final demise of the old regime.The decline in mortality was determined by advances in medicine and hygiene, and even the plague disappeared. Also there was a power improvement. In England the population increase occurred as a result of progress; France grew slowly along with its population growth and the United States filed a population growth resulted from immigration.

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