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After the crisis of the century occurs anarchism. 900 at the beginning of the anarchist Bresci killed King Umberto I claiming that Bava Beccaris fired on the crowd July 29, 1900 and ascended the throne Vittorio Emanuele II belonging to the Savoy dynasty, and it is he who, after the government Crispi, puts Giolitti government.
Between 1870 and 1900 we have the age of imperialism, we mean an expansionary trend that affects most industrialized countries of Europe such as France, England, Germany, Holland implementing a genuine policy of domination and exploitation in against those backward countries but with mineral resources such as Africa. The Germany of Bismarck tried to bring order to this situation by inviting more representatives at a conference that the Berlin Congress of 1884, in this conference were defined areas of influence of the European nations in Africa. Made to avoid direct clashes between these states, then Africa was distributed among the European nations. France is given a chance to win Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco (North Africa) as well as Egypt won England Sudan, Nigeria and South Africa. Germany takes part in East Africa and parts of southern West. The reasons that led them to conquer Africa were 2: political and economic. They were interested in the raw materials, made with the Industrial Revolution that led to the development of machinery and various gadgets had created the need for more and more raw materials to be used in industries. At the same time they were needed new markets where to sell these products. For reasons of political means the tendency of European states to the competitiveness and national prestige that just lead them to be very aggressive, forming alliances such as the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente of creating tensions, competitiveness resulting in the spread of protectionism in Europe . We think that you need to enhance domestic production not using the foreign one. This initiative of protectionism was also due to the presence in the European market for products from the United States and this led European countries to raise customs duties. Exports interested mainly cereals, grain and industrial machines.

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