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- Highway 1 –

The longest road in the world is in Australia and it’s the Highway 1, which stretches for 9000 miles around the entire coast of Australia, reaching also the island of Tasmania.
It is one of the world’s iconic roads, like the Route 66 in the USA.
The Highway 1 varies greatly in form, in fact near big cities it’s a motorway, but long stretches through the countryside are narrow roads, with just two lines; it even becomes a dirt track in some points. Also this route is one of the most much frequented in the world, in fact over a milion people travel along Highway 1 every day.
Moreover, traveling the highway 1 you can find cities like Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne, but even the Outback and some famous attractions like Ayers Rock and Alice Springs; you can also see remote deserts, such as the Nullarbor Plain in Southern Australia, or forests and tropical swamps.
But during the Highway 1 you can also see some natural beauty, like the Great Barrier Reef, some spectarual National Parks, some beautiful beaches.

Another particularity of this Highway is that in the inland the temperature can drop below zero in some seasons, while in the coastal zone the temperature is very high for extended periods of the year.
So a traveler, in order to make a trip in this Highway needs a lot of things: first of all, he needs a lot of time, in fact it takes weeks to explore the 14.500km around Australia’s cost; then he needs a 4-wheel drive car or a camper van, a lot of provions, including a lot of water, camping equipments, sleeping bags and obviously some petrol cans for extra fuel.

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