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Famous tragedy by William Shakespeare. The play is called hamlet,the prince of Denmark 1599-1600?.Hamlet the king of denmark has died and his ghost has been seen walking the ramparts of elsinore castle at night. Prince hamlet has been called back to elsinore from his university studies in wittenberg for his father’ s funeral but to his disgust for his mother’s marriage to his uncle Claudius who has been crowned the new king. At an official audience in a room of state in the castle:Hamlet is very upset for his father while his mother seems to have already forgotten her first husband thanks to her new love because Claudius is a manipulative politician.
At the end of the audience the king,queen,lords leave the state room while hamlet is left alone he reveals his deep fellings. act 1 scene 2. Mention his mother,his father and his uncle. Later in the play we learn that 4 month have passed since the old king hamlet died therefore hamlet is so upset for the fust marriage’ mother. Information about hamlet character: he would like to commit suicide but it goes against his and the world seem useless to him.the world he lives in seems corrupted and sick. he life seems to him to be meaningless .He workship his father and hates(despising) his uncle.He was convinced his mother loved his father. He his highly critical and angry of his marriage’mother.he accuses his mother and uncle of incest (a sister-in-law marrying a brother-in-law). Act 1 scene 5.Hamlet meets his friends Horatio and Marcellus who tell him that his father’s ghost has been seen walking to castle ramparts. Hamlet decides to go there that night to see for himself. When the ghost appears,hamlet follows it to secluded part of the castle’s platform.the ghost reveal to hamlet that he didn’ t dead for a natural dead. He was murdered by uncle/by his brother.hamlet’s father died without confessing his sins and so is doomed to purgatory and affirms that he cannot reveal to the living how terrible purgatory really is. The ghost says that hamlet can decide for himself if to take revenge for what he is about to hear.the people of Denmark have been told that king hamlet died naturally sleep.

The ghost does not name his brother as his murdered directly but it was clear that it was he.hamlet was very upset because he had no idea that his uncle was an evil man. Hamlet intends to revenge his father’s death but keep putting off the revenge. He becomes melancholic and feigns madness to arrive to his purpose. Act 3 scene 1 to be or not to be. The act talk about the hamlet’s despair and his philosophical and contemplative nature. Ask himself if he should live or die. He ask himself if better might be to meekly submit to his cruel destiny or to fight againts it. He thinks about what might after death and even worse than life.he thinks of all the negative aspects of life and prefer to kill himself. He concludes with irresolute answer and he are afraid to act. Life is full or pain,suffer,a continued fight against a cruel sad destiny (fear after life destroy that sense of peach).(hamlet says we can find peace but fead after life….beginning that a plays after suffering and then destroy the sense of peace. Hamlet is bent in revenge but seems more melancholic and unable to act.he rejects his love,Ophelia,and then invites a group of actors to put on a play’murder of his father in the castle to see the uncle’s reaction that convinces hamlet of his guilt while Claudius plots to send hamlet to England and the king plans his death. Act 3 scene 4. Hamlet decides to confront his mother with the truth and goes to her bedroom. He tells her of the murder of his father and then indicates two pictures-one of Claudius and the other of king hamlet.hamlet designed his father as a powerful and leader man and critical his uncle and their marriage. Hamlet embarks for England but escape and return to Denmark. Ophelia,rejected by hamlet and upset for her dead father who was killed by hamlet,goes mad and drowns in the river. Her brother Laertes,swear to revenge the death of his sister and of his father,Polonius. Claudius uses the opportunity to plot hamlet’ s death. He decides to poison Laertes’word so when it pricks hamlet he will die and he puts poison into a glass of wine for hamlet but that it drinks for his mother. Hamlet pricks Laertes with his poisoned sword after that Laertes pricks hamlet. he kills Claudius and after he death. hamlet is a Seneca's tragedy, the type of tragedy was very popular. The play contains many important characteristics of premeditated tragedy:the need to revenge of a secret murder,the visitation of the ghost,the bloody and catastrophic finale,but also underline the sensational depth of his protagonist. The play is rich in potent monologues and soliloquies in which the protagonist reveals the completly of his thought (meaninglessness of life,the inevitability of death,accidental death and premeditated murder.the symbiotic relationship between a nation and its leader in also axplored, a corrupt leader will bring to a corrupt and sick state.

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