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Geocaching: treasure hunt

Geocaching (“geo” for geography and “cache” for a secret store) is like a 21st century treasure hunt. It was starter by Dave Ullmer in May 2000. An item is hidden somewhere in the world, and its GPS co-ordinates are provided on the internet so it can be located by anyone.
Caches are found all over the world, in evry imaginable locations! But if you want to place one on private land or national park you need to get permission first, and you shouldn’t place caches in archeological or historical sites.
A cache may be large or small, but it is always in a waterproof plastic container. Opening it is exciting. You may find a CD or a video, pictures, coins, jewellery, tickets, a toy or games – there is no end to the ideas!
However, explosives, ammunition, knives, drugs and alcohol should not be put into a geocache, and food is also a bad idea.

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