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A funny episode

It was 1 pm and summer English school was over. We had our pocket lunch in the park and then went for a walk and possibly some shopping. We were walking leisurely up and down Grafton Street when we saw one of those street-artists standing motionless, like statues. He was sitting on a bright yellow box, dressed in bright yellow clothes and his hands, face and bald head were also painted in the same bright yellow color. On the pavement in front of the box there was a little bright yellow open case, for the money. Not surprisingly we picked up the challenge and tried very hard to make him laugh or move or in any way acknowledge our presence, and of course, we failed. It was then that my friend Marco accepted another muted challenge and sat leg-crossed on the pavement facing the yellow man. As the minutes passed, a curious crowd gathered around them both. Some people threw a few coins into the yellow man open-case while eyeing my friend with clear disapproval. In return and with as mischievous look, Marco’s best friend put a coin into Marco's baseball cap, so that it wouldn’t look so empty. We burst out laughing and some kids to the side joined in. We clustered around Marco and waited. He had stayed motionless from 25 minutes when at last the yellow man capitulated and raised to shake his hand.
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