From yorkshire to the Amazon

Science teacher, Paul Mallard, is going to take eight boys from Wakefield City High School in Britain to the rainforests of Ecuador this month. They are going to stay there for two weeks. He knows that the jungle is dangerous because of the poisonous snakes and spiders but he thinks that the trip is important.
The Amazon Basin, a huge network of rivers and rainforests, covers about forty per cent of South America. Paul Millard wants to take the boys there for two reasons. Firstly, he wants to help the local people to protect the rainforests and secondly, he wants to show his students that the rainforests are beautiful.
The boys are going to work with the local people at a nature reserve on the Napo River, planting trees and endangered plants. They are also going to visit a local village and spend two nights in the rainforest sleeping in hammocks. They are going to sleep in hammocks and not tents because there are poisonous ants on the ground. In fact some ants are more dangerous than the poisonous snakes and spiders.
Why do the boys want to go on this trip? They want to go because it’s something new. They want to see the mountains, the forests, the different plants and the birds. Also, they want to meet the people of Ecuador because they think it is important to meet people from other countries.
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