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Freedom ship

Spend your summers in the Greek Island, see springtime in Europe, Winters in the Bahamas, and autumn in New York. And all without leaving the comfort of your own home! How? Well, on board freedom ship, web ring the world to your front door.
Freedom ship is the home of the future. A beautiful living space in a city with no crime and no pollution. The best of the countryside and the best of the city all together. Green parks and fields next to ultra-modern schools, shopping and entertainment. All in the space of one mile.
Imagine a mile of 25-story buildings in New York City – floating on the water! Freedom Ship is more than four times longer than any other existing cruise ship. It’s as high as a football field, as wide as two football fields! And just look at what you’ll find on board:
- a mini-airport for planes with up to 40 passengers
- a tram service and bicycle to paths connecting one end of the ship to the other
- a 200m dollar hospital
- school and college education
- an enormous shopping mall
- restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs
- sports, facilities – tennis, golf, basketball, bowling, skating, swimming pools and gyms
- satellite TV and internet connections in every home
And it’s not as expensive as you might think.
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