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My favorite song

When I'm asked about my favorite song I never know what to answer. Truth is, I couldn’t tell the title of one song which is favorite to me, because there are very many. I choose the songs I listen to depending on my moods and in any particular moment there is a song which is best for it. For example, when I’m doing sports Eminem’s “Loosing Yourself” gives me the right boost and brings out the competitiveness inside me. When I’m studying Allevi’s piano music helps me find concentration and peace of mind. When I’m angry or disappointed I listen to the Iron Maiden “Fear of the Dark”, and my anger turns to determination, my disappointment to resolve. When I’m sad and lonely I wallow in the Evanescence songs and as wrong as it may be, it enhances my already negative state of mind. There are also songs that brings memory up to my mind and for this they are dear to me. The Cramberries remind me of the blast we had during our third year school trip, the U2’s “With or without you” reminds me of the first time I fell for somebody, “Chasing cars” of Snow Patrol takes me back to a summer camp I spent with my best friends. All these songs, as well as many others, are dear to me because each one of them generates a different feeling or memory that is important to me.
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