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My favorite color

My favorite color is turquoise. Notoriously, colors like blue or green convey a sense of peace and quiet and calm people down. Turquoise is not blue, nor green, but something in between. For me, turquoise is the color of crystal clear water on a white sandy bottom, and I love the sea and going about on a small tender or boat with my father. It is the color that surrounds me when I’m snorkeling and diving finding myself in mid-water to look for marine life among the rocks. It recalls that moment when there is nothing else but you and the water pushing on your ears, wrapping about your whole body. When I think of turquoise, or look at something of that color, I imagine the sound of the waves washing ashore and the calls of seagulls and strangely enough I'm sure I can small the iodine typical od salty water. Turquoise is the color I focus on when I’m agitated or worried, or when I cannot sleep, because then I imagine the sea and the feeling of it calms me down. Once, I happened to meet a person who had just that eye color, and I was mesmerized. I couldn’t turn my eyes away; they were just so light and cold, but warmly intense at the same time. So that’s what people perhaps feel when they are talking to me, because turquoise is also the color of my eyes.
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