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Most times people feel very tired after a day out, after taking some fitness lessons or even after a party because the muscles of the body are not relaxed and the feel tired and need some rest. Its is always best to take some nap or in the cases regarding exercises in the gym: do some strectching and take deep breathe in order to take oxygen wnreached with air which can circulate in the body and relax the muscle: it is known that most time the cause is obviously lack of sufficient apport of oxygen
Fatigue is tiredness.
It could be caused by:
- Too much exercise or an over-work of oneself.
- illness
- hunger or lack of food.
- sadness or unhappiness, anxiety or fear or worry.

Effect of fatigue
- it prevents a person from doing work.
- it causes unhappiness, irritation and unfriendliness.
- it makes one feel dull and sluggish. A fatigued person wants to lie down.

Treatment to fatigue
- take plenty of rest.
- eat balanced meals, at least three times daily and have regular meal times.
- avoid over working yourself. Try to stop a work before you become too tired.
- seek medical treatment whenever you are sick.
- whenever you are worried or sad over a personal problem, try to discuss it with your parents, siblings, (brothers and sisters), a good friend or even your teacher.
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